Clawton Parish Council

​Meetings are held 6 times a year, usually on Monday evenings in the Parish Hall at 7.30pm.

The last formal Parish Council meeting was on Monday 8th November 2021   They are held at 7.30pm in the Parish Hall. Agendas will be available from the clerk the week before.

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Mrs Sally Whitehead
Beer Hill House
EX22 6QN
Telephone: 01409 254748

Clawton Parish Council has 7 members:

​Mr Paul Grafton (Chair) 01409 271456    Mrs Alison Sharp (Deputy Chair) 01409 259424
Mrs Irene Ellis 01409 271371                     Mr Adrian Mitchell 01409 271258
Mr Roger Mitchell 01409 253679             Mrs Maralyn Bailey 01409 271315
Mr Nigel Stacey 01409 222467

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District Councillor: Mr Peter Watson    email:
County Councillor: Mr Barry Parsons   email
Message from Barry Parsons 26th February

Many of you will be familiar that when I first became a County Councillor I promised to do my best to support our farming community in and around Holsworthy. We do now, of course, have a wonderful Agri-business Centre in Holsworthy, something for which, I know, there is a huge amount of pride. Our farming community here is of utmost importance and adds hugely to our quality of life. It is something for which, rightly, we are extremely proud and need to ensure that we look after.


I know that my colleagues on the County Council are aware of many of the needs of our farming communities across Devon and very recently my Cabinet colleague, Cllr Gilbert, announced that, “Devon, Somerset & Torbay Trading Standards (TS) have been working closely with partners (including Young Farmers) to highlight the importance of mental health and wellbeing in the farming community.  Last year, the service made mental health in farming a priority area and set out a project with the aim of raising awareness of mental health illness and signposting rural business communities to support services.” 

At a recent event over 170 people registered from all areas of the country and even from abroad. A video of the latest webinar will be uploaded for to Youtube for viewing shortly. In the meantime please have a look at (and share) the two previous ones which can be seen on the links below:

The pandemic has, of course, caused immeasurable harm to many. Our part of the world has responded very favourably in terms of requests made to safeguard not only ourselves, but, others and I know that both I and all related to council activity are extremely grateful for everyone’s efforts in this regard. Holsworthy Rural is one of the safest places in the country – and I thank you all for helping make that the case. Should you wish to see comprehensive local information in relation to the pandemic please go to

The 2021/22 Budget round has just completed with Full Council making its decision last week. Gross Income for 2021/22 sits at £1,466 million with Income from Council Tax around £443m; Business Rates retention – local and top up grant £102m; Fees, Charges and other Service Income at £108m; Government Grants and contributions £813m. With the Local Government Finance Settlement being announced on 4 Feb 2021 the main points included Council Tax – which has a referendum limit of 2% for Local Authorities with social care authorities like Devon County Council allowed a 3% Social Care Precept. Full Council voted for a total 4.99% increase in Council Tax which is in line with many other authorities and especially mindful of the current pandemic situation and possible ramifications.

An additional £1.3 million has been allocated to be used in the following way -  £600,000 for potholes/drainage; £100,000 for improving street furniture; and £600,000 be made available to top up the emergency funds that we have distributed to District Councils to support our residents. It was agreed that this is a good budget for Devon to protect the old, young and vulnerable residents in our county.


During the Purdah period, it is not my intention to attend (remotely) town and parish council meetings. I want, therefore, in advance of this time and in case I do not see you beforehand to take this opportunity of thanking you all for your huge contribution to our communities. It is invaluable, and, rest-assured very much appreciated by so many. I thank you, most sincerely, for all the support you have given me over the past 12 years of my tenure as County Councillor for Holsworthy Rural. It has been a huge privilege to represent you and I wish each and every one of you every happiness for the future.


With every best wish always.




Agendas are published at least 3 full days before each meeting and are posted on village notice boards. You can view by clicking on the link below.


Minutes of each meeting are published in draft and are subject to approval at the next meeting. You can view the latest minutes by clicking on the link below.


The Parish Council is asked to comment on planning applications  that are either in Clawton. or that will affect the Parish of Clawton. You can view the log of recent applications by clicking on the link below. Application details can be seen on the Torridge District Council site - see link above right.

Past Accounts

Clawton 9 Dwellings Planning Application

An architect representing the developer gave the Parish Council a presentation on the proposal, which is a mixture of affordable and market price housing.  The Parish Council could see no reason to oppose the development but had several concerns regarding the details as follows:

  • The two affordable units built by Mr Dunkin a few years ago (one to buy, one to rent) had not been taken up by anyone locally and indeed had to be offered widely before they were occupied.  However, times have changed and there certainly seems to be an unmet demand for rental property in the wider area.

  • The offer of 16 parking bays for use by the primary school was much appreciated though it was noted that the planning application to replace the garages opposite the school with 25 parking spaces is currently before the TDC Planning Committee.  Were parents to use the bays to pick up and drop off children they would need to cross the road and there is no pavement on the south side and only a very narrow one on the school side.  It was felt that DCC Highways would not agree to a pedestrian crossing.  A suggestion was made to use the bays for staff parking which would partly avoid this problem.  Electric vehicle charging points could be provided.

  • The proposed development is on a flood plain but it was noted that works to improve the flow of the River Claw seem to have been effective so far as there have been no recent floods.

  • It was noted that there is no public transport in the village.


If you would like more information go to the Torridge Planning website and look for “Erection of 9 dwellings”.  You can make any comments via that website.