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Clawton Parish Council

​Meetings are held 6 times a year, usually on Monday evenings in the Parish Hall at 7.30pm.  Agendas will be available (click link below or from the clerk) the week before. 

The last formal Parish Council meeting was on Monday 11th March.   The next meeting will be at 7pm on Monday 20th May for the regular meeting and 7.30pm for the Annual General Meeting.  Agendas will be available about a week in advance.

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To contact the Parish Council: 

Mrs Alison Vassilaki
The Old Post Office
Devon EX22 6QQ

Telephone: 01409 259972

Clawton Parish Council has 7 members:

​Mr Paul Grafton (Chair) 01409 271456    Mrs Alison Sharp (Deputy Chair) 01409 259424
Mr Graham Hames 07443620670           Mr Adrian Mitchell 01409 271258
Mr Roger Mitchell 01409 253679             Mrs Maralyn Bailey 01409 271315
Mr Nigel Stacey 01409 222467
District Councillor: Mr Peter Watson    email:
County Councillor: Mr James Morrish   email

Useful Links


Agendas are published at least 3 full days before each meeting and are posted on village notice boards. You can view by clicking on the link below.


Minutes of each meeting are published in draft and are subject to approval at the next meeting. You can view the latest minutes by clicking on the link below.


The Parish Council is asked to comment on planning applications  that are either in Clawton. or that will affect the Parish of Clawton. You can view the log of recent applications by clicking on the link below. Application details can be seen on the Torridge District Council site - see link above right.

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