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Guidance for residents on how to present refuse and recycling

Refuse Presentation:

Please present your refuse in tied bags by 5.45am or no earlier than 7pm the evening before.

Our crews are able to collect refuse from inside standard height (700mm) dustbins but are not permitted to retrieve refuse sacks from inside wheelie bins. Wheelie bins are designed to be emptied by mechanical bin lifters and are too deep to allow them to be emptied manually without posing a risk of injury. The tapered design of wheelie bins is another factor that optimises them for mechanical emptying but restricts the safe options for manual servicing. None of our refuse collection fleet is fitted with bin lifting equipment.

Recycling Presentation:

Please ensure your recycling is presented for collection by 7am. Please refer to the recycling guide to see what goes where.

Green Box - Please empty containers, rinse & squash as staff hand sort these items.

Green Bag - Please remove all plastic sleeves from magazines & catalogues

Brown Bag - Please flatten cardboard & fold bag tops over to keep the contents dry.

Garden Waste Presentation:

Please don't overload your Green Wheelie Bin please!   This is because the Wheelie Bin has been too heavy and may slip from the holding mechanism while being emptied and ended up in the back of the truck.  This is likely to be due to earth or other dense material being incorrectly deposited into the bins which should only contain things such as grass cuttings, small twigs and branches and other foliage all weighing no more than 100Kgs.

Please follow the guidelines here otherwise we will not be able to empty your bin and you may be liable for any damage or injuries caused by these incidents. 

Small electrical equipment (WEEE):

Items of WEEE should fit into a standard size carrier bag and be placed in or alongside your green box.

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